About Us

Introducing Nour agriculture industries firm as a milestone and an important point of quality and a partner you can depend on for your future frozen and fresh provider. We have worked for a long time as an experienced head and staff of the company to achieve such great firm. From the moment you start working with us as an importer, wholesaler or retailer you will touch a new deal in quality, price and more. The company is exporting and working at the local and internaional market in frozen agriculture products such as strawberry (IQF) whole &diced &chunks , green beans, green peas, artichoke bottoms &quarters, okra zero, cauliflower, broad beans… etc, that you can find in details on our website (https://www.nourfoodeg.com/) also e export fresh agriculture products mainly Orange.
On the other hand all necessary certificates and more you will find during the process of the export operation.
This is just a brief introduction and we would love hearing from you and welcoming your visit if you decide to do so.